Friday, March 09, 2007

Who Will Rise Up – Brother Jed!

I had the privilege of spending some time this week with George (Jed) Smock, founder of The Campus Ministry USA, as he was in town speaking truth on the campus of ASU. Jed is the real deal. His commitment to the Lord and his love for others is seen in his tireless dedication to preach the Gospel to over a million university students across the United States. He has been faithful to this calling for over 30 years. When I was visiting with Jed at dinner on Sunday night he indicated that he left his home and family in Missouri the first week of January and will not return until the first week of April. He preaches every week, Monday through Friday and hasn’t taken a sick day. Jed’s approach is considered controversial by many, but no one can argue with the results of thousands of lives surrendered to God because of his faithfulness and willingness to roll up his sleeves and do the hard work of an evangelist.

A couple of years ago God began challenging me with a renewed view of His Gospel; showing me the saving importance of both justification and sanctification; calling me to obedience; and showing me that through Jesus Christ and by His grace I am truly a new creation and no longer a slave to sin. During this incredible time in my life I read Jed’s book, “Walking in the Spirit: A Liberating Commentary on Romans 6, 7, and 8”, and it resonated with what God was showing me in his word. Jed’s book was used by God as an additional catalyst and confirmation to the incredible reality that I am no longer a slave to sin and that I am called to live a life of obedience today. This reality has resulted in a changed life, a life lived by the spirit and victoriously battling the flesh.

I encourage you to get a copy of “Walking in the Spirit”. It rocked my world and it will rock yours too. You can order it on Jed’s website at I also encourage you to pray for Jed, his family, and his ministry. Finally, if you have the resources help support his ministry.


SoldierforGod said...

Brother Jed rocks!

The first time I saw Brother Jed I thought he was one of those fire and brimstone hypocrites we got at ASU so very often. But after talking to Eric Jones I saw Brother Jed in a new light. I watched a bunch of youtube videos featuring Jed (there are hundreds of them) and I realized that nothing he was saying was a lie or twisted truth. He was harsh, and hilarious but loving and honest. After going through the Bait of Satan series by John Bevere I realized that the offense that people take to Jed is not Jed's fault but their own. Jed keep rockin the truth to the youth!

SoldierforGod said...

Keep rockin the truth to the youth Jed!