Monday, April 16, 2007

Discipleship and Starbucks

I heard Joey Bonifacio, the senior pastor of Victory Christian Fellowship in Manila, speak on Sunday in Chandler, AZ. He oversees ministries representing about 26,000 in the Philippines. I then had the opportunity to spend some time talking with him on Monday night about discipleship. I look forward to him providing input and guidance into my ministry.

Joey's life is about discipleship. He is in the business of making disciples and teaching others to make disciples. Here is a link to his blog posting called "discipleship and starbucks". It is just a flavor of this guys heart.

"Sometimes churches are too busy building their brands rather than building their product. Others have relied on the brand – “The Church”, yet Jesus said - “I will build my church….” Matthew 16:18. Instead, He challenges us to go and make disciples" - Joey Bonifacio.

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Anita Hensley said...

i am glad that you made this contact and i think that he will be very helpful to you; BUT the reason people go to Starbucks is NOT the coffee. The coffee is actually not that great- the reason that they go IS the Brand. oh to be seen with a Starbucks cup instead of a Texaco or McDonald's cheapo coffee cup. Starbucks is the brand of choice and it has defined how we do coffee.