Friday, April 13, 2007

You mean he wasn't born with it?

Jesus didn't begin discipling and ministering to others until he had gone through a process of preparation. For instance, contrary to some conventional wisdom, Jesus wasn't born with knowledge of the scriptures. He had to get it the old-fashioned earthly way - he had to read and study. Why are we so arrogant to think that God is going to use us to change lives and do his work without our willingness to prepare? If Jesus needed preparation, don't you think we do too? The following is a list of the preparation that Jesus engaged in prior to being launched into the ministry for which he was created.

1. He studied the scriptures. Luke 2:46-47; 49-52.

2. He was baptized and received the Holy Spirit. Luke 3:21-23.

3. He prayed and fasted. Luke 4:1-2.

4. He said no to temptation. Luke 4:2 and 13

5. He then called his disciples and began his ministry. Luke 5:10b-11

God wants to use us to do his incredible work here on earth. He wants us to be world changers. Let's follow the lead of Jesus and spend the effort and time to be equipped and prepared to be mightily used by God.

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