Thursday, May 17, 2007

Examining the Sacrifice: a response to Malachi 1

I read the book of Malachi this morning and received conviction both from a corporate (church) perspective and a personal perspective. Ask yourself the following questions:

What am I offering to God? Is it a heart that is repentant and turned to him? Do I come as a life lived out in true faith? Do I live my life fully devoted and trusting in him or do I live a life blinded and crippled by the desires of my flesh and the allure of the world? Does God truly have my heart or am I really still living for myself? Do I show honor to God as a son honors his father and a servant honors his master or do I show contempt for the name of the Lord? Where does my treasure lie? Praise God for the perfect and pure sacrifice of Christ. However, do I, in true faith, respond to who I am in Christ or do I insult the Spirit of grace? (Hebrews 10)

Lord, may I daily respond to your grace; may I daily live my life as a son who honors you. Thank you for your saving grace and for your transforming grace. It starts with you and ends with you.

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