Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Revelation 1:5 --- Are you living like a free man?

To him (Jesus Christ) who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood

What did John just say in his greeting? Well, at the beginning of a sort of doxology he makes the following statement about Jesus: “to him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood”. Notice the tense of this statement. He didn’t us the future tense; “will free us”. No, he used the past tense; “has freed us”. This emphasizes the blessing as a present possession already enjoyed by the believer. When we are in Christ, we are already freed from our sins. However, that means different things to different people. Some say that this only means that our sins have simply already been forgiven or washed away. But John uses the Greek word “lysanti” in a way that actually denotes a freeing from. John’s interest at this point is not simply in a “washing away” of our sins, but actually in actually “freeing” us from the bondage and misery of that sin. He is praising God for the fact that in Christ we are no longer slaves to sin and are no longer controlled by it. John is praising God for the fact that, in Christ, we no longer live lives controlled by sin. We are freed to live apart from sin in a real sense. The blood of Christ not only washed us, but also freed us so that we can literally walk unshackled and free from the power, control, and lifestyle of sin. This freedom is ours right now because of Christ. Are you free? Are you living like a free man?

Lord, thank you for this freedom that is a reality of your work on the cross. Thank you for washing me and for literally freeing me so that I am no longer a slave to sin. May I take hold of and live out this freedom more each day. Thank you for the sanctifying work of the cross. Thank you for freeing me from the misery and bondage of sin. May I act more like a free man each day. Help me share the reality of this incredible gift with others.

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