Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Have you heard of a flea circus? Well, apparently people catch fleas and train them to perform and do amazing tricks. I know it sounds crazy, but hang with on this one because I am going to attempt make a useful analogy between a trained flea and many Christians.

Here’s how the flea training is said to work:

Using a jar, the flea catcher somehow lures the unsuspecting flea into the jar. But, because fleas are big jumpers, they need to immediately put a lid on the jar to keep the flea from jumping out of the jar. So, the flea trainer quickly puts a lid on the jar. Subsequently, the flea tries top escape. But, when it jumps, BANG, it hits the lid and falls down. Over and over, the flea will jump and BANG hits the lid. Until, after some time, you can see that the flea is jumping just almost to the lid, but not quite. He jumps and jumps, not quite hitting the top, but jumping as high as he can. Now, it appears as though the flea is pretty smart. What's strange is to see what happens when you take the lid off the jar. The flea continues to jump just almost to where the lid was. But, it won't jump any higher. It continues to act like the lid is still there. The flea hit a limit to what it could do. He decided that he could not go any higher and then never tried to improve. Even though the limit was gone, he was stuck in a rut - doing just what he always did and not challenging himself. 1

So, are you a “trained flea Christian”? Do you keep living your life as if you were still trapped in the jar of your past when you lived for yourself and were a slave to sin? Well, the lid was lifted when you gave your life to Christ. He removed the lid and you can now jump out of your old life and live for Christ outside of the jar. You are no longer a slave to the jar (your flesh and pre-regenerate self) because you have been granted freedom in Christ. Freedom to do what? To live for Christ and no longer for your flesh. You have freedom to no longer be conformed to this world but instead to be transformed as God intended. You have the freedom to be the new creation that you are in Christ where the old-you truly passes away as the new-you lives in, and for, Christ.

Wake up! The lid has been removed. Live like a “free flea”” Christian.

1 Excerpts from the Boy Scouts of America Website.

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Very good post, sir.

God bless you.