Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Justification and Sanctification - How they differ

I often encourage the reading of this very clear and timeless writing by J.C. Ryle where he dissects the clear distinctions between justification and sanctification. This stuff really matters. If you haven't read it - read it now.

"Too many are apt to look at nothing but the surface of things in religion, and regard nice distinctions in theology as questions of "words and names," which are of little real value. But I warn all who are in earnest about their souls, that the discomfort which arises from not "distinguishing things that differ" in Christian doctrine is very great indeed; and I especially advise them, if they love peace, to seek clear views about the matter before us. Justification and sanctification are two distinct things we must always remember. Yet there are points in which they agree and points in which they differ. Let us try to find out what they are..." Read entire article by J.C. Ryle.

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