Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Tightrope of Life

I am going to attempt to use a high-wire or tightrope walk as an analogy to walking out the Christian life. The idea for this analogy was originally presented to me by one of my closest friends and a fellow disciple of Christ – Chris.

So, how does the Christian life relate to a tightrope walk and what do all of the components represent? I submit that the process of walking on the rope is living out the Christian life, the sanctification process, and the working out of our salvation. It takes faith to get onto the tightrope and faith to stay on the tightrope. It demands that our eyes be fixed looking forward. If we look to the left or the right, if we look down, or if we look behind we will surely loose our balance and fall. The temptation is strong to look about. But we must keep our focus forward on this critical walk.

What happens if we fall? Do we have a safety net? Yes we do. Is that net the grace of God? I submit that it is not the grace of God. Rather, it is the mercy, love, kindness, and patience of God that catches us if we fall. God’s grace, on the other hand, is something much more useful to our walk on the tightrope. God’s grace is a powerful tool that helps us remain on the tightrope. It is the stabilizing rod. You see, God’s design and desire is that we do not fall. His desire and design is that the safety net will receive little use. “I write this so you will not ‘fall’, but if you do fall there is a ‘net’ to catch you”. This can be the case if we daily take hold of God’s grace in order to remain on the rope. Through Christ he has given us his grace that teaches us to stay on the rope, it his grace that works in us, and it is his grace that helps us in times of need.

So, while we are walking the tightrope, being sanctified, and working out our salvation with “fear and trembling”, let’s never forget that God’s grace (the stabilizing bar) is enough to help us keep our balance and remain on the rope.


Brian said...

Well said! We do need to encourage others to stay on the "tightrope." But we also have to acknowledge the "safety net." Without bringing in God's mercy, we are not showing the true "heart of God"- even if people take it for granted and use it to rationalize their sinning.

Brian said...

Hey, I thought that friend of yours - "Chris" was a "cheap grace" guy? :)

Eddie said...

Thanks for your thought, I found them as I was preparing to teach a youth class on this subject and found your thoughts helpful and inspiring. Thanks again.