Saturday, June 09, 2007

What happened to Abraham’s Faith? From fear to faith.

The faith of Abraham is so well known and is a pillar in the faith of the entire Christian church. But it didn’t appear that he always had this level of faith. Two separate times he deceived (lied to) others in order to protect his own life and wealth. He felt the need to not tell the whole truth and allow his wife, Sarah, to be taken by other men. He did this even after hearing directly from the Lord that he would make him a great nation. In fact, the Lord directed him to Egypt where he proceeded to lie about Sarah. Where was his faith that the Lord was in control and would protect him? Out of fear, Abraham again appeared to have little faith when he, even after the covenant of circumcision with the Lord, deceived Abimelech by allowing him to believe that Sarah was his sister. This does not look like a man of extreme faith that will be lifted up as an example to all who will follow.

It appears as though God himself even was beginning to question Abraham’s faith. God needed to know where Abraham stood and decided to test his faith. You know the story, God told Abraham to sacrifice (kill) his beloved son Isaac. He wanted to know if Abraham loved him more than anything or anyone else. Was God number one? This test seemed extreme and far greater than the tests he previously failed. However, Abraham passed the test and proved his sincere, totally-abandoned, faith to God.

What made the difference? What happened that caused his faith to surpass his fear? The Bible doesn’t clearly reveal that, but whatever happened to Abraham must happen to each one of us. We must come to a point in our lives where our love and faith in God exceeds our fears, feelings, and actions of self preservation and self indulgence. We must be willing to sacrifice all for God. Jesus said we must take up our cross and follow him if we are to be his disciples. We must leave our families, jobs, stuff, and our very lives for him. We must die to self. True faith is giving it all up for God.

Is your faith still giving into fear or is it ready to go all the way? Has your faith seen the transformation that Abraham’s did?

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Milton Stanley said...

Good questions, and a good point.