Friday, June 29, 2007

What would Jeremiah say to the modern church today?

I listened to a teaching yesterday by R.C. Sproul (Jeremiah Part 2) that was very bold, convicting, and direct in which he applies the message of the prophet Jeremiah to the modern church.

“The greatest threat is not from without, but rather from within - the false prophet within the gates that led the people away, that negotiated the law of God, and that distorted the word of God. How often are we hearing that doctrine doesn’t matter? Or, it is religious experience and his heart that matters. When the truth of God is compromised at the critical points then the church is in serious trouble. We see the church echoing the secularism in her own theology. We see this coming from within the church. We are in a crisis time when it comes to doctrine. When the doctrine is corrupt, then the practice of the life of the church can only go down.”

People are in such need of spiritual nourishment, but they are dying because there is minimal clear teaching of God’s word. It is time that the church stands up for the full gospel and for righteousness. It is time for us to be faithful to the Word of God. Are you a Jeremiah?

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