Monday, June 04, 2007

Your faith matters to your family - a look at Noah

As I was reading through the story of Noah this morning, I had some interesting thoughts about the importance of a father's faith. Men, your faith matters to your entire family.

Noah was a righteous man and considered blameless. So when God decided to purge the earth of the evil that man had created he recognized Noah and made plans to save him. But not only Noah, he also decided to save Noah’s wife, his sons, and his son's wives. This does not mention that anyone of these people were righteous and blameless or walking with God. So why did God save them? Why were they spared? Was it because God had to repopulate the earth and needed them for that task? God could have started all over with just Noah and his wife. He didn’t need the sons and their wives for this task. Was it because the sons helped his father build the ark and this was their reward? Was it the faith of the sons and their wives that saved them? No, it is only mentioned in Hebrews that it was because of Noah’s faith that they were saved. Why did God save the entire family? It appears as though it was the righteousness, faith, and walk of the father, Noah, which actually saved his entire family from the epic flood. Do not think that I am advocating that a father’s faith can provide eternal salvation for his family. For you see, the ark only saved them from the serious storms of life and the judgment of God for a period time. They all eventually died and were responsible to God individually.

However, as men, we can never underestimate the importance that our faith plays in the lives of our entire families. It was Noah’s faith that allowed himself and his entire family to be saved. The faith of a father can protect his family from many storms in this life. It can provide a spiritual protection and set the tone for the entire family. Men, your faith affects more than just your life. It impacts your entire family. Your faith matters. How you live your life matters. Your walk with God matters. Don’t take your role as father and spiritual leader of your family lightly. You set the tone, provide a covering, and what you do today affects generation s to come. The stakes are high. Put your trust in God. Circumcise your heart to the Lord. Live out who you are in Christ. May you “find favor in the eyes of the Lord” and be called “righteous and blameless among the people” just as Noah. And may your family be invited onto the ark in times of trouble and turmoil because of your faith.

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Steve said...

Great commentary on the role of men in the family. In many circles Christianity and the Church has been feminized as men have failed to take there place in the home and Church. We have been having a mens study recently stressing these same points. If we do our part it will protect our wives and children as they face the storms of this life.

Anonymous said...

How true! The role of a man supports and leads the family! Keep it up!