Friday, September 14, 2007

Are you pouring out your best?

What are you pouring out for Christ? Is it the leftovers? Is it the two or three hours every week that you still might have available after you have served primarily your wants and needs? Jesus doesn’t really get excited about our leftovers. He wants, and definitely deserves, our best.

People thought that the woman who poured the extremely expensive perfume on the head of Jesus was being wasteful and foolish. They said that her money could have been put to better use. Whoa! Jesus rebuked the people who thought this, praised the woman for her devotion to him, and made the statement
“I tell you the truth, wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her." Mark 14:9
Our love for Jesus should seem like foolishness to others – especially the world. I have a friend and co-worker who quit his successful and lucrative career in the airline industry to serve God full-time in the children’s department at our church. Isn’t this crazy? Couldn’t he have helped more people by continuing to make more money and just giving it to the church and to the poor?

How about the Christian martyr who could have saved her life by just renouncing Christ to her captives. Couldn’t she have done so much more good for God and others if she would have “done whatever she had to in order to live”, instead of dying. God would have understood – right? If she had saved her life, she could have continued to tell people about Jesus. She could have been there to raise her 2 children. Weren’t her actions foolish?

If you look at these situations in the natural, from a non-biblical and non-Christ worldview, you would say that these people made foolish decisions. But, let’s remember that “the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight.” Out of obedience and love, these individuals made the counter-cultural decision to pour out their best for Christ.

Lord, may I be a fool for you; may I not subscribe to the wisdom of this world in any area of my life; may I never hesitate to pour my best out for you and for you alone.

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jeff said...

If no one has called you "stupid" lately, you might be missing out on what faith is!

Christians like to quote "no longer I but Christ" yet I have yet to see it be real, even in me. It's a challenge, but it holds great reward. Matthew 19:29