Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is this for real?

What will attract this generation of young people to Christ? I strongly believe that the answer to this important question is (1) the evident power of God and (2) the evident display of transformed lives. It is time for the church to display the power of God in real ways.
“The primary reason young people today have a negative impression of the church is the millions of Christians who have attended church all of their lives and yet never been transformed by the power of Christ. The millennial generation wants to know: Is this for real?” – Jeff Myers.
It is time to move beyond “self help”, pop-culture psychology, and anecdotal stories designed to make Christ appear relevant. Instead, let’s allow the power of the cross to be relevant. It is time to show the world changed lives; lives that are transformed in real, powerful, and extremely evident ways by the work of Christ. Celebrate God’s power by submitting to it in awe, reverence, and allowing it to infect us.

This means that we must be living out the Christian life. We must be effected by the cross in real and obvious ways. The power of God must be doing its work in our lives. The fruit of sanctification and the Holy Spirit must be evident.

That’s all good, but what does this look like in a church service? Well, let’s stop trying to be relevant by focusing on how we all have so many shortcomings, by celebrating mediocrity, and by always acting so broken. Instead, let’s share the victories we are experiencing in Christ. Let’s celebrate the change that people are experiencing. Let’s offer testimonies of breakthrough, healing, restored relationships, and real transformation. Let’s offer hope. Oh, and from a worship experience standpoint, let’s definitely praise God with excellence, with vibrant praise, and surrendered worship that musically meets the culture where it is and lyrically glorifies God.

Bottom line: let’s show this generation, this city, and this world that the Word of God is real, that the power of the cross is real, and that they too can experience his powerful grace, renewal, and life-changing transformation.

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Gord said...

Great post!
I whole-heartedly agree!
Me and my family have just begun attending a Church like the one you described in the last two paragraphs.
God truly is amazing!
The atmosphere of celebration and the message of hope shines through very clearly. It has caused a real transformation in Christ to happen in our entire household. To God be all the Glory!