Monday, October 29, 2007

Maybe you need to go back to the beginning?

Are you at a place in your Christian life where you don’t see any real fruit? Have you ever really experienced significant transformation, change, or breakthrough? Did everything just kinda stay the same after saying the prayer?

At this point you might expect me to prescribe a serious dose of obedience and renewed dedication to God in order to make it right. Well, that is not at all where I am going. Instead, I recommend going back to the beginning. In other words, did you ever believe with all your heart? Do you understand who God is and what Christ did for you? Have you experienced sincere Godly sorrow and repentance? Finally, did you truly accept what Christ did for you? Is your life being lived out of the reality of justification? If it is not, then you will never experience sanctification and you will never see the fruit of the changed life that Christ died for you to have.

If this is you, my prescription is to go back. Go back to the beginning and encounter Christ in his fullness. Believe upon him with all of your heart. Accept the cross, come to Christ in Godly sorrow (for your sin), experience true repentance (a radical change of mind), and then the fruit will come. The change will then happen. You will begin experiencing real transformation.

We must daily live our lives out of our justification and allow our sanctification to flow out of justification as well. It is so important to have it in the right order and to keep it in the right order. It must all start with Christ. When things are ordered properly it works quite well and quite thoroughly. We then live the life Christ died for us to live; in victory, in every sense of the word, and in every area of our lives as we go from glory to glory for God’s glory.

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