Friday, October 05, 2007

Opposite World - Part 1

What does it look like to live in the Kingdom of Heaven? How do you know if you are living like a citizen of God’s Kingdom? Jesus came preaching the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven and his Sermon on the Mount provides us insight into this good news.

I would like to spend the next couple of posts focusing on the values and reality of God’s Kingdom. You will see that the Kingdom of God can be called OPPOSITE WORLD. It is completely opposite in nature from the kingdom of this world.

I hope that we would all examine the characteristics of the Kingdom of God and sincerely ask ourselves if we are living like a citizen of Heaven or a citizen of this world. Where is our allegiance?

The kingdom of this world lifts up the popular, beautiful, bold, boisterous, proud, rich, wealthy, wild, dangerous, fun-loving, and exciting. Jesus launches into opposite world with the beatitudes. He says that a citizen of his kingdom will be all of these: poor in spirit, one who mourns, meek, thirsty for righteousness, merciful, pure in heart, a peacemaker, and persecuted. (see Matthew 5:1-12)

Which of these characterize you? Remember, you’re a citizen of a kingdom. Is your allegiance to this world and its values or it completely given to the Kingdom of God?

We will continue this discussion in the next post and see just how opposite the two worlds really are.

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Anonymous said...

thank you for this.. I came home from church and came up with this thought... Jesus is the opposite! That is what I googled and I came across your blog. thanks for your thoughts. you are right on. I will continue to think about this as I have been for the last few months.