Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Turkey is at the boiling point

Things continue to heat-up in Turkey. Kurdish rebels have apparently killed 26 people in the past week: 13 Turkish soldiers and 13 civilians in two separate incidents. (Time/CNN Article)

While the stability of the country is coming close to a boil, the church in Turkey is also experiencing increased persecution and difficulties. It is getting even tougher to be a Christian in this 99.9% Muslim country. Social, physical, and legal persecution is definitely on the rise. However, God works quite amazingly in these types of environments. Christianity started and flourished in an environment of hardship and persecution. The same can happen in Turkey.

I was in Turkey last year at this time and was supposed to have been there these past 2 weeks. However, due to situations inside the country and here at home, my trip was postponed. My heart is with our Turkish brothers and sisters in Christ. May God's will be done and may the church grow. God, grant your children amazing grace.

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Anita Hensley said...

i'm afraid it has begun to boil over...