Thursday, November 01, 2007

911 - But, God is good and has all authority

My son (9) was rushed to the emergency room on Monday evening. He had a severe asthma related attack and needed immediate emergency care. My wife had taken the children to Payson for the week, interestingly enough to get out of the Valley and the increasingly poor air quality. I stayed home because of work and other commitments. I received the call around 9PM that my son was having some problems and it became evident by 9:30 that it was critical. My wife called 911 and I jumped in the car and headed for Payson. I aggressively drove up the mountain while I aggressively cried out to God for my son’s protection and healing. It was intense.

God was faithful and my son’s health was stabilized and restored rather quickly. Contrary to the doctor’s initial response that he would need to be admitted to the hospital, my son was actually discharged from the emergency room at 2:40AM. I immediately drove him back home and we got to bed at 4AM. My son’s breathing has improved dramatically since this episode. In fact, he says that he has never breathed better (in his life). This is the incredible healing work of God. We are asking God that this would be the end of these episodes. We are praying for complete healing. God is able and has all authority! God is good, he is faithful, he is victorious, and he will be glorified in all things.

Here is one of the realities that I prayed and held onto as I drove to the emergency room that night. Remember Christ’s interaction with the centurion? The centurion asked for Jesus to heal his servant. Jesus agreed to go with him to minister healing. However, the centurion stopped Jesus and told him something incredible and faith-filled. He told Jesus that it was not necessary for him to make the trip in order to heal his servant. He told Jesus that when someone has authority that he can make things happen with a simple command. Jesus was surprised and deeply moved by this man’s faith.

Jesus has all authority. He only needs to speak it and it will be so. Whether it is healing or calming the rough waters, he only needs to speak it. This was my cry that night. This was my prayer. This was my hope. Jesus has the authority to heal my son. In faith, I cried out to him for his command of healing. And as a follower of Christ and one who is in Christ, I too, boldly commanded healing in the authority of my King Jesus Christ. God is good!


Milton Stanley said...

Praise God that God answered your prayer and that your son is doing OK. Peace.

Eric Jones said...

Thank you Milton. God is so good. He is doing fantastic now.