Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Always Thankful

I received this early prayer of “thanksgiving,” originally crafted a few hundred years before the birth of Jesus, from Dan and Kim Kane of the Antioch Network. “The prayer was part of the Amidah, a daily prayer said by Jews in the early days of the synagogue. As it was their custom to attend the synagogue (Luke 4:16), Jesus and his disciples would certainly have prayed these words of thanksgiving. The prayer is still recited by devout Jews today. Might it inspire a heart full of thanksgiving as you celebrate and partake of our Father’s bountiful provision!”
We thank you, for you, O Lord our God, are our fathers’ God for all eternity, our Rock, our Shield that saves through every generation. We thank you and declare your praise for all your tender care. We trust our lives into your loving hand. We are always in your keeping; your wonders and miracles are with us daily, evening, morning and noon. O you, who are all good; whose mercies never fail us, Compassionate One, whose faithful love never ceases, we ever hope in you. And for all these blessings, may your name be exalted, our King, forever and to all generations. All the living shall thank you and praise your name faithfully, the God of salvation and deliverance. Blessed are you, O Lord, whose Name is good, and to whom it is pleasant to give thanks.
May you have a tremendously blessed Thanksgiving. God is so good and has given us more than we deserve - his son Jesus Christ our risen Lord.

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