Sunday, November 18, 2007

Love that grows

Love is not just an idea, a sentiment, a feeling, or an emotion. Rather, love is a serious intention, followed by a decision, and ultimately demonstrated in real action.

In the first chapter of Philippians, Paul prays that the Christians in Philippi would possess a love that is increasing.
And this is my prayer; that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, - Philippians 1:9
Paul is pointing out that true love requires growth and that the way to grow is by increasing our knowledge. Love grows when we mature in the areas of knowledge and insight (understanding, sensitivity, and real-world discernment).

In other words, the more we know about someone and the more we understand someone, the more we can show our love to them. In fact, the act of intentionally gaining the additional knowledge and insight about someone for the purpose of loving them more is, in itself, an act of love.

Why do we seek God? Why do we read the Bible? Why do we pray? Is it just to get something from God? Or, do we take these actions so that we might grow in our knowledge and understanding of him, in order that our love for him might abound more and more?

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