Monday, November 05, 2007

More forgiveness

I wrote a short post late last month about forgiveness called “To forgive or not to forgive…”. I received an email today from my mom who read the post and forwarded the following quote that is from a novel she just finished reading.
"Now forgiveness is this," he said gently. "Not that you forget, not that you say what they did was all right --- it wasn't! Forgiveness is canceling the debt, tearing it up, clearing the account. Only you have the right to do it. The debt is owed to you. You might think that means they're going free, that they're getting away with it, and you're right. Your enemies don't deserve it. But when you forgive you'll discover that your enemies aren't the ones who go free---you are." - Wings of Refuge by Lynn Austin
Forgiveness is rarely deserved and it doesn’t mean that you will immediately forget. However, forgiveness is so important and not optional for anyone who calls himself a Christ follower. Freedom and a clear conscience occur when we forgive others. Maybe because God releases his grace and peace on us in increased measure when we obey him by forgiving others as he has so graciously forgiven us.

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