Sunday, December 16, 2007

“Be like Mike” – if he is like Christ

I recently posted on the topic of being imitators and titled it, Should others imitate you? Well, I am still challenged and spurred on by this biblical concept of being an imitator of Christ and my spiritual leaders. This is so contrary to what the world promotes when it tells us to be unique, don’t follow, be a rebel, and do it your way. Since I am still challenged, I want to keep this in front of others. I want you to share with me in this challenge of imitating.

However, the world (or Gatorade in this case) also shows us the power of encouraging people to become imitators. Remember their “Be like Mike” commercials which started to air in the early 1990’s? Everyone wanted to be like Mike. As Christians we shouldn’t necessarily want to be like Mike unless of course he is a devoted follower of Christ who, like Paul in Thessalonica, is living a pure and blameless life for the glory of God. God understood our deep desire and need to be like someone well before Gatorade got on the bandwagon. Jesus demonstrated this when he imitated the Father; the disciples imitated Jesus; Paul imitated Jesus; Timothy imitated Paul; the Thessalonians imitated Paul and now we need to imitate the Lord and our spiritual leaders.

Being an imitator doesn’t, and shouldn’t, make you a clone. However, it will make you a disciple. You will have to lose your individuality, but definitely not your personality. You will have to die to self, but not compromise your unique God-given traits and qualities.

As Christians our anthem should not be “I did it my way”. Instead it should be “I did it God’s way”. When our lives are lived God’s way, then we will be able to boldly proclaim like the Apostle Paul, “I urge you to imitate me”. Now that is an exciting thought and definitely something to strive for.

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