Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Did Jesus get sick?

I have been sick the last couple of days – the fever/cold thing that has been going around. I had an interesting thought today, “did Jesus ever get sick?” Of course I mean when he was fully man. I don’t know of any reference that would either concretely prove or disprove this point. However, we do know that he got hungry, he had emotions, he wept, he felt pain, and he experienced every kind of temptation. I lean toward the hypothesis that Jesus did experience sickness while he was in his humbled state of humanity.

Maybe Hebrews 2:17-18 gets us close to answering this question?
For this reason he (Jesus) had to be made like his brothers in every way, in order that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in service to God, and that he might make atonement for the sins of the people. Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.
Your thoughts?


jeff said...

I'm sure Jesus got sick but I wonder if perhaps after his public ministry began, the last three years or so, anything past his baptism, if he was healthy.

The way he used sickness and healing as outward expressions and manifestations of faith makes me think it would be tough for the one who everyone came to for healing was sick himself. Being sick is also a waste of time, not sure God would have allowed His Son who only had a brief three year window to waste it being sick.

I really have no idea, these are just thoughts with no biblical insight or information whatsoever!

Milton Stanley said...

Interesting question.

I would think one of two situations would obtain:

1. Jesus did become sick as a consequence of living in a fallen world, or
2. Because he did not sin, he did not suffer from sickness (it being, from an OT perspective, the beginning stages of death, whether or not it ultimately bears fruit in death itself).

becky said...

I am recovering from the flu and asked this very question. Did Jesus get sick? I asked him. He showed me stone bruises on his feet. I was left with the impression he was fully man.

Keith said...

How and Why?
Jesus was a man, however He is God.
We can not put Him in the worldly box we live in. He is not of this world!
Jesus was told, He heals with the authority of the devil.
What was his comment?
A house divided will not stand!
He does not want us sick.
Sickness is because of sin.
It is NOT of GOD!
I can’t find an answer for this question as well.
I would think if He did get sick it would be in the Bible.
His disciples lived with Him.
By the Sprit of God they wrote the New Testament.

Eric Jones said...

Good stuff. I would add that because the Bible doesn't contain a minute by minute account of Jesus' life, it could be possible that he got sick. I agree that sickness and death are in the world because of sin. We live in a fallen world and that was the case when Christ walked the earth in His humanity. However, just because Christ didn't sin himself wouldn't mean that He didn't get sick. Unless, you corrolate an individuals sickness to their own sin. I don't believe this is the case. In the end, whether Jesus was ever sick isn't an essential. It is just an interesting thought.

Anonymous said...

Well he seemed to age like everyone else, and wasn't a reduced lifespan one of the curses on man? On this basis I imagine he got sick as well.

Keith Willson said...

I think the question should be "could Jesus have been sick?" There is no way to know all of his experiences so there is no point in entertaining the question of "did He get sick". He could have, but it wasn't recorded. He could have done a lot of things. The better question is" given His unique body, could he have been sick while on earth?" He came in the likeness of sinful flesh, yet He did not come as "in Adam", or a child of Satan. I think the correct answer is "insofar as Jesus allowed himself to be sick". Another example of this is that He laid down his life. It was His choice, and not something imposed on Him, yet he allowed Himself to die. What is sickness but our body not being able to fight off of bacteria, or viruses, or cancer? He could have certainly allowed that to happen to Himself if it was the Father's will. This does not mean He is fallen.

Jamie Chan-Ortega said...

I am a natural health practitioner who is presently fighting a very nasty sinus infection. While resting in bed just now, I thought of the exact same thought: Did Jesus get sick?? I came to the same conclusion as mentioned in all the other comments. In all likelihood, yes, Jesus got sick, because He was fully human living in a fallen world. He could suffer sickness and still remain sinless. He suffered the cross and death... and death, like sickness, is ONLY of a fallen world. So just as he conquered death, sinlessly, so he must have conquered sickness, sinlessly.
It was a comfort to me as I prayed in bed - Jesus reminded me that he understands all my discomfort and pain, because He, too, has gone through not just similar things as a man in this world, but the WORST thing - death - and overcome it.

defrostingwindows said...

Love this discussion. Jesus was sweating blood! If you or I were sweating blood, they would take us to the doctor. In Luke 22, Jesus had a "doctor" already on the scene. An angel was already on the scene to strengthen Him. The Healer Himself actually needed physical aid from an outside source because He was also a Man. Look at the Wilderness experience, He needed a team of angels to help Him recover. If you only need one to help with sweating blood, what was going on with the Wilderness? If interested in more, check out my full entry.

Janga said...

I am sick at the moment, lung infection. Being still with God. I just read Isaiah 53:1-6 in (Complete Jewish Bible) need to read v1-6 but to bring this point through I will write v 3, it reads,
"People despised & avoided him, a man of pains, well acquainted with illness, like someone from whom people turn their faces he was despised; we did not value him". Jews did not tolerate the sick they saw them as unclean & the religious especially saw the sick as God forsaken. Jesus said in John9v1-5
I'm in early stages of study atm but leaning towards Jesus was acquainted with sickness but he did not sin because Jesus ALWAYS BELIEVED IN THE PROMISES OF GOD, JESUS NEVER SINNED BECAUSE HE HAD TOTAL FAITH IN GOD, HIS FATHER. What is the greatest sin? UNBELIEF. Selah

ustwo said...


Jesus could have gotten sick IF He fell into temptation and sin was the result. He did not. Christ on the other hand (the annointed) could not get sick because it is not possible for the Annointed One(spiritual side of JC) to contridict Himself...God.