Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"The Jones Band" Rocks in the New Year!

The Jones Band had an exciting and successful debut at the Battle O' the Bands last night. We placed 3rd out of 9 bands and actually won a prize $$. We had the oldest and the youngest musicians by far. At ages 9 and 11 my two sons rocked the house. I mean they really did a great quality job. In fact we got the 2nd highest score by the judge’s panel for the quality and originality of our performance. We got 3rd because another band just had more fans there voting, but they were great too. It was a dream for me to play with my boys - wow.

We played four songs: 3 originals and 1 cover tune (U2's Vertigo). We opened with an acoustic bluegrass original called "Front Tooth" with Jake on the mandolin and me on the guitar. We then moved into a driving rock number called "Anticipation" that we wrote together in the boys bedroom. Our third tune was an original written and sung by our phenomenal guest vocalist, Daniel Stringer, called "The Life She Dreamed". Our finale was "Vertigo" and it was a hit.

I was totally blessed last night and proud of Jake and Grant as they were so confident yet humble. May God be glorified as they continue to make music for him.

Stay tuned for some video of the performance on YouTube.

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Anita Hensley said...

you would have gotten first place if you had added in Faith dancing, Velvet singing/keyboards, and Ben orchastating the whole thing!!! Go Jones team!!