Sunday, February 24, 2008


This week’s small group curriculum is focused squarely on evangelism.

Big Idea:
If you are a disciple of Christ, you are called to be a fisher of men; an evangelist. So, what’s in your tackle box? What tools of the trade have you acquired in order to be successful at the task of fishing for men?

Fishermen use different techniques and bait based on the conditions, environment, and what they are trying to catch. Sometimes they use a fly, they cast, they troll, or they bobber fish. Lures are often used, but so is live bait. And at times, they even pull out the nets. The good ones come prepared for any condition and are able to adapt as those conditions change. Relational evangelism is an effective and biblical technique of fishing for men. It is about building healthy relationships with people far from God and then allowing the Holy Spirit to work through that relationship to draw them to Jesus. But, the relational fisherman also knows when to set the line and share the gospel. Remember, you are not just the lure, but you are the fisherman. A relational fisherman will purposely (1) find those God has assigned to them, (2) involve themselves in their lives, (3) share the good news and invite them to church, and (4) help them grow in Christ. Every one of us has been commanded to go fish! If we are going to follow Christ and fish for men, we must fill our evangelism tackle box. We must know when to be patient and when to get aggressive; when to use the bobber and when to use the nets. Have you spent the time acquiring the tools of the trade? Do you know how to adapt your techniques? Fishing is not a game of luck. Serious fishermen do not leave it up to chance. They are prepared, studied, and practiced. The result is consistent success. So, what’s in your tackle box?

Discussion Questions: (read the Scripture & discuss)

1 Corinthians 9:19-22
Paul made sure he had a full and diverse tackle box. Did Paul’s technique encourage compromise? Why or why not? What would this look like and not look like today?

Romans 10:13-17
Our actions are important, but they are dead without words. If ever words should be used it should be for the purpose of sharing the Good News of Christ. Why are words important? Are you using words and telling people about Christ? If yes, give examples.

Matthew 28:18-20
Is Jesus simply looking for conversions? What responsibility do we have after someone becomes a follow of Christ? Jesus tells us how to make disciples. How do we accomplish this? Why can we accomplish this?

Taking Action: Begin filling up your tackle box and start actively fishing. Pray for healthy relationships with non-believers. Make a list and begin engaging in new relationships. Study God’s Word and have answers to the questions of “how can I be saved”, “what must I do”, and “what is this good news.” Finally, just go fish.

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