Friday, February 08, 2008

The Jones Band Leads Worship

Here are links to three videos on YouTube of Velvet, Jake, Grant, and myself leading worship on January 13th in the children's services. Ben and Faith joined us on stage too. Anyway, enjoy. I am having a blast - I have my own band.
1. King of Majesty, 2. One Way Jesus, 3. Blessed Be Your Name / Rain Down


Anita Hensley said...

FANTASTIC!!! you guys are my heros. I didn't know Velvet sang as beautifully as she does and that boy can play some guitar! did i ever mention that I love rock guitar. 2008 battle of the bands- watch out!!

Becca said...

I LOVE IT!! How fun for us to see you all leading worship!! We are so proud of you all. We love you and pray for you all daily.

Your Sis-N-Law,