Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Heart of a Servant

Following is my small group curriculum that will hopefully add value to this week's "Heart for the World" focus.

Big Idea:
Are you a follower of Christ? Then you are called to serve – not to be served. A follower of Christ will have a servant’s heart and live a servant’s life.

Having a servant’s heart isn’t optional. Rather, it’s mandatory for those who will live eternally in God’s Kingdom. So, understanding and developing a servant’s heart is a must. Christ displayed the ultimate act of servanthood when He humbled Himself, became a man, and obediently laid down His life in order that others might be reconciled to God. Christians are called to be like Christ. And like Christ, we must lay down our lives for others. We must be servants. We must “take on the very nature of servants.” So, what does that look like? Servanthood is not a state-of-mind or simply the desire to help others. It really comes down to daily laying down your life in service to God and to others instead of looking out for number one – yourself. When Jesus washed the feet of His disciples he showed us that a mere profession of discipleship does not make us a disciple and guarantee us a place in the Kingdom; it is loving service and true humility that is real greatness. Here’s the beauty of God’s economy; He is not asking the impossible because His all-powerful grace gives us all we need to live the life of a servant. “When we realize that Christ has served us to the end of our meanness, our selfishness, and sin, nothing that we meet with from others can exhaust our determination to serve men for His sake.” – O. Chambers

Discussion Questions: (read the Scripture & discuss)

Matthew 20: 25-28
Discuss how Jesus contrasts the ways of this world with God’s Kingdom. Jesus exemplifies a servant leader. Share about someone you know personally who has chosen a lifestyle of servanthood.

Matthew 25:31-46
How important is this to God? Is a servant’s heart simply a state-of-mind or some good intentions? Discuss how this can be lived out.

John 13:1-17
It was the custom for the lowly to wash the feet of guests. Yet, the Master washed the feet of His disciples. Jesus didn’t just pray for them. Instead, He got on His knees and got dirty. How does this passage challenge you? How are you serving those who are less fortunate than you? Do you live each day as a servant or as a master?

Taking Action: Take inventory of your life. Who are you truly serving: God, others, or yourself? Write down one way you can serve your family, your church, and also someone else in need this month – then do it. Share with your group (this week or next) and hold each other accountable.

Ministry Time


Liz said...

I volunteer as a bible study leader at a correctional facility for girls aged 13-18. One of the ways I love to teach the lessons of John 13 is to provide the girls in attendance with all the supplies necessary to paint each others toenails. When the wet wipes come out and I tell them they are going to wash each others feet I get some funny looks. But when the polish comes out and I tell them to paint each others toenails the looks change from incredulousness to excitement. I'm sure it's just a girl thing, but the point is to make an impression that will last. My job is to plant seeds and I think giving "feet" to the message works.

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