Monday, March 17, 2008

Love like Patrick

What does St. Patrick’s Day mean to you? I am reminded of a man who loved God and loved people so much that he followed the call of God. He served the very people and country that had just a few years earlier imprisoned and enslaved him. Jesus said we are to love our enemies. Patrick lived out this command in a very real way. Instead of hating the Irish people, Patrick obeyed the calling of Christ and took the gospel message to a dark land controlled by the druids. Because of his love for God and for people, Christ was made known to an entire country steeped in paganism. This is something to celebrate. This is also something that should challenge us and embolden us to be motivated by love and obedience to the commandments and calling of God on our lives as followers of Christ. Go and love. Go and share the love of Christ. This is the story of St. Patrick and I pray this will be our story as well.

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Peter Kirk said...

Thanks. Patrick was indeed a good example. But strictly yesterday was not St Patrick's Day.