Thursday, March 20, 2008

The resurrected Jesus changed everything.

Here is my Easter small group curriculum which ends up highlighting the importance and effect of the ressurection of Jesus Christ.

Big Idea: Who is Jesus? Was he a prophet, a really talented teacher, a miracle worker, a myth, or is He the Son of God; the Savior of the world who conquered sin and death through his life, death, and resurrection? How you answer this question and what you personally believe will change your life forever.

Summary: For Jesus to be the Savior of the world, the crucifixion and the resurrection must both be true. Without the resurrection everything is meaningless. A dead savior cannot save anyone. But, physical, historical, and biblical evidence overwhelmingly prove and substantiate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection is monumental because at this moment Christ conquered sin and death. And those who wholeheartedly, by faith, put their trust in Him and follow Him will experience the same victory over sin and death. Just like Jesus is alive, we too become alive again and the old ways of thinking and acting change for the glory of God. The resurrection is powerful and as Christians we can, and must, take hold of this transforming power that compels us to passionately love God and love others which results in restored relationships, forgiveness, freedom from addiction, obedience, humility, and ultimately the glory of God. The death and resurrection of Christ has changed everything. Jesus is alive! He is alive in history and in the hearts of millions around the world. People’s lives are being changed. Those who once were hopeless, afraid, addicted, confused, and powerless have become people of purpose and victory because they have accepted the free gift of salvation that is offered by the resurrected Christ. Is this your story? Is this your reality? It can be today.

Discussion Questions: (read the Scripture & discuss)

1 Corinthians 15:3-8
Who were some of the witnesses to Christ’s resurrection? Were the numbers limited or numerous? This, along with much more proof, indicates a faith that is not blind.

Romans 6:1-10
As Christians, what affect does the resurrection of Christ have in our lives? What does it mean to be united with Christ in his resurrection? Is the idea of being dead to sin in this section talking about sin no longer determining our destiny or sin no longer controlling our behavior, or what?

Romans 6:11-14
Does your life bear witness to this passage? Have you been freed from sin? In what respect? How might you go about not letting sin reign in and through your physical body?

Taking Action: Examine your life this week – your thoughts, behavior, fruit, and relationships. Are you experiencing victory? Wholly submit to Christ and apply His resurrection to your life. Like David, ask God to create in you a clean heart and allow the change to begin. Believe.

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Thank you my blogging friend. This will be great for discussion on Sunday morning Bible Study.