Friday, April 25, 2008

The holy experiment

"The only thing I can give to God is 'my right to myself' (Romans 12:1). If I will give God that, He will make a holy experiment out of me, and God's experiments always succeed." - Oswald Chambers

Bottom line: Give God my whole self (100%) and He will accomplish more than I could ever imagine or hope for, He will be glorified, and I will fulfill my purpose. Conversely, if I hold back, even just 10%, the result will miss the mark; I will not fully accomplish my purpose; I will be outside of God's perfect plan and outside His will - not where I want to be. Therefore, I choose to surrender all; I give up my rights; I'm yours.

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Anita Hensley said...

Kevin Prosch had a line in one of his somgs "all I have to offer you is my iniquity."
i tihnk about that sometimes... he gave me my body, my passions, the power to obey, love to respond to His love, etc...

the only thing that is truly mine alone to offer is my sin.