Friday, April 11, 2008

Passion for Jesus

Here is the third part to the "Go Big or Go Home" small group focus on passion.

Big Idea:
Just having passion isn’t enough. As followers of Christ, our passion must be for Christ himself. He must be our first love and we must give our utmost for Him.

What is your greatest desire? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Where is your passion? For some, the answers to these questions include sports, music, food, work, bank accounts, or friends and family. But the answer for a Christian should always be, without reservation, from the bottom of his heart – JESUS! Why, because Christ demonstrated ultimate passion for the Father and for us when He gave His all. Christ didn’t just give up a meal or a few comforts and pleasures. Rather, He passionately gave 100% of Himself and this is why Jesus demands our undivided and complete passion. His passion for us was undivided and complete. He went all-in and expects us to go all-in.

It is one thing to be intrigued by Jesus and His message, but quite another thing to be His disciple – someone who is willing to leave everything and everyone to follow Him. Being a disciple of Christ requires passion; an intense, driving desire, and devotion. Jesus Himself tells us in Luke 14 that our passion for Him must be so intense and uncompromised that everyone and everything else is relegated to a very distant second place. Passion for Jesus is ultimately displayed in our total allegiance to Him. “Forsaking all others” for Christ Jesus must not just be our motto, but our way of life.

Discussion Questions: (read the scripture & discuss)

Isaiah 53
How far did Jesus go with His passion? How did Jesus go all the way? What is your reaction to this display of passion for God and for you?

Mark 10:17-31
What did the Rich Young Ruler desire more than Jesus? What are some things that compete for our primary passion? Is Jesus OK with a competing passion? What does Jesus require in order to be His disciple? How does, or how should, this affect your daily life?

Luke 14:25-27
Was Jesus telling his followers to be hateful toward their families, or was He going to an extreme to make a point? What point was he making with this radical statement?

Taking Action: Go big this week. Do a little self-examination. Do you desire Jesus more than anything else? Is He your reason for living? Does He have your undivided allegiance? Is He your first-love and your passion?

Ministry Time

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