Thursday, May 01, 2008

A passion "to die for"

Here is my 6th and final small group study from the series "Go Big or Go Home", which dove into the importance of living a passionate life for God.

Big Idea:
Do you have a passion worth dying for? As Christians our passion for Christ should have already resulted in our death. That’s right; we are called to passionately die to self everyday and thus, to live for God.

Jesus had a passion to do the will of His Father. He only did what the Father sent Him to do. In His willingness to fulfill His destiny as the Savior of the world through the pain of the cross, He demonstrated that His passion wasn’t superficial, but was actually a “passion to die for”. Jesus went all the way with His passion, and we too must follow His example.

Is your passion big enough to die for? Is your passion for Christ so big that you are willing to die for Him? Have you forsaken all others including your own wants, desires, comforts, and even dreams for the sake of God’s calling, His mission, His will, and His gospel? Actually, we must have a passion to die for otherwise we cannot call ourselves followers of Christ. God gives us a choice; have a passion for “self” or have a passion to die for. If we choose "self" then we are not worthy to follow after Jesus. In fact, “Only when you have laid everything on the altar, only when the sacrifice is complete, will the Holy Spirit witness with your spirit that you have reached the ground of your heart-that you are at last utterly honest with God.”

People are choosing to die for their passion, Jesus Christ, everyday. For some it is actually physical death and martyrdom. However, for others it is putting to death pride, selfishness, and sin. Remember, we are called to a life of passion for God and we must die for our passion.

Discussion Questions: (read the scripture & discuss)

Luke 22:41-44
What was Jesus’ ultimate passion? How far did he go with it and what was the result of Jesus living out His passion? Is His passion your passion? Discuss…

Matthew 10:38-39 & Matthew 16:24-25
Taking up our cross means we must die to ourselves. What does this look like in our lives? What do these passages indicate are the results of not having a passion “to die for”?

Daniel 3:1-30
Discuss the passion of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. What are some modern equivalents? What was the result of their passion? Our passion for God matters. Discuss what you are doing to develop and keep an intense passion for God “to die for”.

Taking Action: Go big this week. Be honest with yourself and write down what you are passionate for. Now, are you willing to die for these things? If your passion is not God and if it’s not worth dying for, then cry out to God with everything in you, “Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.” But, be ready because He will do it.

Ministry Time

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