Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stop making it so difficult

Why do we make the gospel so difficult? Why are there hundreds of thousands of books designed to help us live the Christian life? Jesus made the gospel quite simple – repent for the kingdom of God is near, die to self, live for God, love the Lord God with all your heart mind soul and strength, forsake all others for Him, make disciples, and obey His commands.

Fall in love with God and only live for Him. Don’t try to fit Him into your life. Rather, completely surrender your life. The gospel seems complicated because we try to make the gospel work in our lives while still living for the cares of this world.

I heard an advertisement on the radio yesterday that featured a woman wanting help. She was searching for someone to help her get her young child to church every week because she felt it was important. She wanted someone to tell her how to make this happen. The solution given to her was to read this new Christian book that will give her the answers. I found myself shaking my head and speaking loudly at the radio, “just get in your car every week with your child and go – it’s that easy – no need to buy the book.”

Living the Christian life is not supposed to be that difficult. And it isn’t when we truly die to self, live for God, and don’t try to make His ways and will coexist with our ways and will. I understand that some believe that dying to self is hard. It was for the rich young ruler and it was for me until I was captivated by His love and stood weeping in awe of His majesty. At that point, it became a no-brainer.

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steve martin said...

I was just thinking the same thing. I was perusing many, many Christian blogs, some with convoluted doctrine, many with high falutin language and an overly academic tone. Many pushing books on this or that, and I thought...why are they making this stuff so complicated?

The gospel is simple. God's Law will kill you(hopefully) and God's forgiveness of sins will raise you to new life.

Is that so hard? Apparently so.

Great post!


- Steve martin San Clemente, CA