Monday, June 09, 2008

Dads, lead by example

Father's Day is this coming Sunday - June 15th. I know this is contrary to what popular culture is spewing at us, but the role of the father is critical. The father is the head of his household and has the God-given responsibility of discipling his wife and children. Dad's, if you just go through the motions in life without surrendering to God and loving Him with all your heart mind, soul, and strength, it can destroy your family and possibly lead your precious children straight into the arms of this cruel world and perhaps to hell. Fathers, don't take your responsibility lightly. How you parent, how you raise your children, and how you love God matters greatly. Lead by example. Don’t just tell your family, instead show them what it means to be a Christ-follower.

Lord, pour your grace out on us dads. We need your strength, guidance, and help. Thank you for giving us all we need to fulfill the role you have given us. May we never shirk our duties or back down from our responsibilities. May we live so passionately for you that it becomes infectious and spreads throughout our entire family. Protect our children’s hearts and draw them unto you.

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