Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Find a Band of Brothers

I recommend that every man be involved in some sort of discipleship group; a group specifically designed for personal accountability, encouragement, and ministry. Men need to be held accountable. Men need a safe place to share. Men need to be encouraged and at times aggressively pushed by other men so that they will rise to their calling as spiritual leaders.

Living for God was never designed to be a solo experience. We need each other. Jesus modeled that with His disciples. Men can fall into the trap of trying to fight the fight on their own and almost always find themselves taken captive by the enemy. If you are a man, don’t let this happen to you. Get together regularly with other faithful Christian men who also desire a godly life and in brotherly love challenge each other.

Here is a simple format to use for your gatherings:

  • Encourage each other to spend time God’s Word throughout the week.
  • Ask each other to share something from God’s Word that blew their mind, rocked their world, encouraged them, or brought up questions. Discuss.
  • Ask each other to share areas of struggle (sin, finances, relationships, etc.), apply God's truth, and keep each other accountable in these areas.
  • Minister to each other in prayer.
  • On occasion, agree to fast together as you seek breakthrough, direction, and the power of God in your lives.

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