Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I am your man

Late last night I had an intense time in prayer. One of the things that I found myself repeating to God was, “I am your man.” After saying this several times, I was reminded of a scene from the movie The Count of Monte Cristo (2002).

Let me set it up for you. Edmond Dantes had just escaped from prison after being wrongly held for over 12 years. He washed up on a beach where his life was threatened by pirates. He was told he could have his freedom if he survived a knife fight with Jacopo – a pirate who was known for his knife-fighting skills. It was a fight to the death. To the surprise of all the pirates, Edmond was victorious and had Jacopo pinned down. The last move he needed to make was to thrust his knife into Jacopo, killing him and thus winning his freedom. However, Edmond had mercy on Jacopo and offered to spare his life. Jacopo was amazed at this act of mercy and looked Edmond straight in the eyes and told him, “I am your man.” He then dedicated the remainder of his life to serving Edmond. Jacopo responded to this life-saving mercy by surrendering his desires, his dreams, and his very life to the service of the one who showed him unwarranted mercy - Edmond. He became “his man.”

This is how we must respond to Christ. We, like Jacopo, are pinned down and cannot win the fight. In fact, we deserve to die. However, Christ, in His abundant mercy has given us a second chance. So, have you responded to Christ like Jacopo responded to Edmond? Have you become “His man?”

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