Monday, June 02, 2008

The irrelevant church

One of the primary reasons the church in America is becoming so ineffective and irrelevant is because the world is being allowed to change the church rather than the church changing the world.

In an effort to be more appealing, the church is actually surrendering its uniqueness, its salt & light, and its power. The church is being lazy and allowing the things of the world in, instead of being world-changers and going into the entire world with the love and power of Christ. The current approach of the church is backward thinking and a non-biblical approach to the great commission. In an effort to be relevant, the church is quickly becoming irrelevant. We must try to change this trend.

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Anonymous said...

What fuels this effort of Christian communities to become more appealing? Why do they feel this pressure? Isn’t that what the corporate world should worry about? Has modern Christianity become more about membership to satisfy building funds and make payrolls? If this is true, it seems likely to result in an ineffective “gospel” message, because communities will avoid the risk of losing membership by telling people to pick up their cross. However, don’t you think this approach actually makes Christianity more “relevant” to the world? People are naturally inclined to pursue God if it means they can be successful and enjoy their self defined “best life now”.