Saturday, June 28, 2008

Proclaiming God's Names

This morning I attended a family breakfast hosted by the men’s ministry at our church. Besides being served a fabulous, all-u-can-eat breakfast, our children’s pastor spoke to the families with biblical encouragement and challenged both the children and the parents. One of his encouragements involved families memorizing the seven redemptive names of God and then proclaiming God’s names as a family on a regular basis. I thought this was a fabulous way for child and parent alike to stay grounded in the reality that we serve a big God who is all sufficient and loving. Anyway, here is the list. Maybe you want to incorporate this into your family discipleship.

The 7 Redemptive Names of God:

  1. JEHOVAH-RAAH: The Lord our Shepard, who tenderly leads us, loves us, and will keep us safe.
  2. JEHOVAH-SHALOM: The Lord our perfect peace.
  3. JEHOVAH-TSID-KENU: The Lord our righteousness.
  4. JEHOVAH-RAPHA: The Lord that heals, and restores our souls.
  5. JEHOVAH-JIREH: The Lord that sees and provides. He supplies all our needs.
  6. JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH: The Lord is present and with us everywhere. He is omnipresent.
  7. JEHOVAH-NISSI: The Lord our banner of love and protection.

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Dean Lusk said...

Memorizing the redemptive names of God... I think that's is a fantastic way of foundationally teaching our children Who God is, and from there supporting it by teaching to show how Scripture bears out each of God's names and how He touches and works in our lives daily as we're obedient to Him.