Thursday, July 24, 2008

Will God judge us because of our vote?

A friend of mine, Zack Hensley, recently blogged about the topic of abortion and the pro-abortion views of a presidential candidate. I typically stay away from politics on Transformed Daily, but our views and actions regarding abortion aren’t about politics.

In his post, Zack presented this challenge, “Those of us who can act to stop it, will answer before the throne in Heaven if we do not.” This statement got me thinking about the upcoming election and our role as voters. If we cast a vote for someone who is pro-abortion and they win the election only to perpetuate the heinous act of killing the helpless, will we be judged by God for our role? Isn’t voting for someone who supports abortion really the same thing as voting in favor of abortion itself? Isn’t it the equivalent of making a donation to help build another abortion clinic? Do we so cavalierly think that just voting for a candidate with pro-abortion views and agendas leaves us far enough removed that judgment won’t fall on us?


Peter Kirk said...

But if you cast a vote for someone who is anti-abortion but is also pro-war, and especially if he wins and starts a war which kills tens of thousands but in fact does nothing to reduce the abortion rate, aren't you even more in danger of judgment? Or are the lives of American unborn children more valuable in God's sight than those of Iraqi, Iranian etc adults and children?

Eric Jones said...

You make some good points. So, are we justified to choose what we consider to be the lesser of two evils? Does that make it ok in God's site. Another thought: is God anti-war? These are tough things that we must wrestle with and make decisions on, not based on our own perspective, but the kingdom of God perspective. May God guide, direct, and convict us.

Peter Kirk said...

Well, Eric, since we have to choose who to vote for we have to choose between two or more evils, in that no candidate has perfect policies. I suppose the right thing is to choose the one we judge to be least evil, but Christians will judge differently. Or of course we can abstain, and I can see good arguments for doing so.

If God is not anti-war, or at least not anti-allowing innocent non-combatants to be killed during war, that seriously undermines the arguments against abortion which are effectively that God hates people taking innocent life. Basically, if God is not anti-war, how can he be anti-abortion?

Anita Hensley said...

you know we think that we are so much smarter than God, so much more reasonable. war and abortion are the same in our mind so they must be so in God's.
we cannot make moral equivalencies between war and abortion. we are responsible to first and foremost to pray and to share the Good News of the Kingdom. We are not expected to understand or deem as reasonable all of the King's laws. He is the King and His leadership and judgements are perfect whether or not they make sense to us.
The King is pro-life. The King is coming to war on His enemies and subdue them. He states that many will die in the war. Make your peace with Him and His ways- He will not be asking you about whether or not you think He was reasonable or listen to your arguments about abortion being the same as war.
Pray about your vote, and act according to what you believe the Lord's will is then pray and share the Good News... and stand up against abortion.

Peter Kirk said...

Anita, on what basis do you say that "The King is pro-life"? I assume you mean that he is anti-abortion. But where do you find this in the Bible? All you find is "Thou shalt not kill". If that applies to unborn children it also applies to enemies and non-combatants in war. If you try to argue that one kind of killing is OK but the other is not, it is you who are "so much smarter than God".

Yes, when the Lord comes, he will kill many in war, and also kill many unborn children, the clear implication of Matthew 24:19. He has the right to kill. We do not, whether it is in war or by abortion. There is no clear biblical ground for making a distinction.

Anita Hensley said...

the King is pro life simply because He creates life. He is the power behind an egg and sperm becoming a child. He is the origin of life.
I am not arguing pro war. I am simply stating there is no biblical basis or approval for murder in the womb and some biblical basis for war or defense of the innocent.
We do not need scripture and verse for the King being pro-life. It permeates every chapter and verse.
you sound like you have a bone to pick about abortion. yes other areas are important- adoption, care and concern of aliens, feeding the poor; they should not be overlooked or neglected. But they cannot be made morally equivalent with abortion.

Or soon the arguement is that recycling is an issue of life like abortion in the interest of global warming that will affect some innocent life of an endangered species of mushrooms... don't start down that road. keep it simple brother!

Peter Kirk said...

Anita, the bone I have to pick is with those who condemn abortion but consider other kinds of taking human life to be justified. Let's indeed leave non-human life out of this. But there is no biblical justification for treating killing of unborn children as more sinful than killing of other innocent human beings.