Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tea Anyone?

A good friend of mine, Jonah Nelson, has entered a contest to win a $20,000 scholarship. The contest involves making a promo for tea - you know, how great it is for us to drink tea. Anyway, Jonah did a great job and I want you to view it. In fact, the more views he has, the better his chances of winning.

Remember, garbage in ... garbage out. What we put into us matters. That is why we must have a healthy diet of God's Word. Well, we are also called to be good stweards of our earthly bodies. Tea, on some level, helps your physical body. Hey, it's alot better than drinking soda pop or energy drinks. And besides, we are called to take care of our bodies. See how I made this plug for my buddies video a spiritual thing. Gotcha... NOW CHECK IT OUT.

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