Monday, September 08, 2008

Barabbas gets a bad rap

Why do Christians tend to think so poorly of Barabbas? After all, isn’t Barabbas just a picture of each one of us? Without the cross are we all not sinners deserving death? But, just as Christ took the punishment that was due Barabbas, He too took our punishment. Yes, Barabbas deserved to be the one on the cross, but Christ, who was without sin or guilt took his place and Barabbas was pardoned and declared a free man. Isn’t this what Christ has done for all of us who place our faith in Him alone?


Spherical said...

That kinds stings when you put it like that! (But true, very true!)

Milton Stanley said...

Good word, Eric. I linked and quoted liberally (completely, actually) at my blog. Keep up the Christ-centered blogging. Peace.