Monday, September 29, 2008

An uncomfortable parallel

Telling God that you love Him while you are knowingly engaging in sin is like telling your wife that you love her while openly carrying on an adulterous relationship.

P.S. Not that I really need to say this, but obviously any adulterous relationship, whether open or hidden, is a complete violation of your marital relationship and the antithesis of true love. Likewise, all sin hurts the heart of God; not just the big ones or the ones that have been going on for some time. Both situations require complete repentance.

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SoldierforGod said...

Having a repentant heart takes introspection, a true look in the mirror. Seldom do I do this enough. Repentance should be a daily thing. It is easy to slip into self loathing if God's mercy and grace is not remembered in the depths of my repentance. Even on the days I don't repent I find myself able to hold my head up high, knowing that his grace is sufficient for me.