Friday, January 02, 2009

The Jones Band Rocks in the New Year

That's right, The Jones Band played in the 2nd annual Battle of the Bands and we got second place this year. We played three songs: (1) Raptor {original}; (2) God, King, Everything {original}; (3) Jesus Freak. We competed against seven other bands and are thrilled with the results. I hope you enjoy the show. 

The Jones Band consists of my four children (ages 5 - 12), my wife, and myself. (note: it was a concert venue so the lighting on the video is a little dark, but the kids rocked the house)


"God, King, Everything"

"Jesus Freak"

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Carmen said...

That's just simply precious! I actually found your blog as I was looking up something for a friend who is contemplating a legal separation vs. divorce...a post you wrote a long time ago popped up...

shalom aleichem in this NEW DAY!!!

B'Shem Yeshua Adoneinu