Saturday, February 07, 2009

The African Anointing Transcript

I have heard from several of you that it is hard to understand Pastor Emmanuel's accent on the video. I guess I have gotten used to it. My wife, Velvet, has graciously transcribed this awesome event. (You must check out the video of this event too - HERE)

The Jones’ African Anointing, December 14, 2008 
by Pastor Emmanuel Fiagbedzi
Ghana, Africa

The Lord spoke to Samuel the prophet. Go to the family of Jesse. Anoint his head with oil. Let him become the King of My Land. I stand in that anointing today. I stand as a servant of the Most High God, who has never disappointed me before. I walk with Him in power. He has displayed His glory over my ministry, over my life, over the (African) nations. Mighty God of Israel, we glory in His name, the God of Abraham, the God of Elijah, the God of Moses, the God of Isaac and Jacob. You never change. You are the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Whom you have called, You have equipped. Whom You have equipped, You have sent out. Your servant has been polished by You. You have placed Him in Your quiver. You have placed Him in Your quiver. And now, is his season. Now You are ready to send him out as an arrow (of a King), as an arrow….., as a weapon of peace. On that note Father, I release Your anointing upon his life. Mighty God, let there be a turning point toward him – a spirit of grace). Let the anointing of the Lord rest over him. Let his favor be strong. Make him great in the land of Arizona and beyond, O God. Make him to represent You in power.

You are the apple of His eye; You are the weapon in the hands of the Lord. You are favored in the land. You are the 1st, not last. You are the head, not the tail. The eyes of the Lord is upon you; the (lost) are with you. May you go in the power. May you go in the power. May you go in the power. You are claimed for the sake of the gospel.

You are being granted an expanded ministry. Your ministry has been expanded by the favor of God and announced. Wherever you stand, when you raise your hand up, demons shall flee, demons shall run away from you. You will (set them a running). The eyes of the blind shall be opened. Cripples shall walk. Your voice shall sound in the nations, O Jesus.

I release an anointing on your wife, O God. For yours is the glory. For yours is the glory - the power. Display your glory; display your glory; display your glory over her life, O God. Do it for Your name’s sake.

I anoint the children of God. I anoint … Hidden in the frame of the children; hidden in the frame of these are mighty warriors. It was said with Daniel … Lord, thank you. I pray, my God, that Your anointing be great over their lives. Let them grow in power. Let them grow in the Spirit of Jehovah. Let them walk in unison with You, Oh God. Be upon their family. Amen.

Father, the angel I saw guide them, let that angel continue to guide them, defend them, in Jesus’ name, Amen. Let everybody say, “Amen.”

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