Saturday, February 14, 2009

Innocent people can get hurt

I was reading in 1 Chronicles chapter 13 today and noticed that when leaders mishandle the things of God, innocent people get hurt. A man named Uzzah can testify to this fact. Here is what happened. When David called for the ark of God to be brought back to Israel, a decision was made to transport the ark on a cart. This seemed like a logical and expedient decision. However, the ark of God was not supposed to be transported on a cart; instead, it was to be carried by Levite priests on poles. Their plan seemed to be working out just fine until they hit an unexpected bump in the road, which required someone to touch the ark. Touching the ark was forbidden, and Uzzah died as a result of this act. 

They had violated the ways of God and a man lost his life. We must handle the things of God His way. We must not rely on our own understanding and do it our own way. We must not compromise and believe the lie that "the end justifies the means." We must do it God's way or innocent people will get hurt.  

Read it firsthand in 1 Chronicles 13:5-14. 

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