Friday, May 01, 2009

Foundational Truths

During my time in the prayer room on Tuesday, the Lord brought to the front of my mind some foundational truths that can sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and ministry. It’s good to have them front and center in my heart and on my mind this day.
“Lord, why did You create me? Was it to make money? Was it to satisfy the cravings of my flesh? NO! You created me to be loved and to love. You created me to love you and to love others. You created me to bring glory and fame to Your name – Jesus Christ, the hope of the entire world.”
“The work of Christ is enough to fully justify me and to fully sanctify me. His grace is enough! I have all I need for life and for godliness. I am fully equipped in Him. He will complete His work in me. May His full sacrifice be made fully evident in my life for His glory. My flesh is not in charge. It does not control me. I am a child of God who walks by the Spirit! In Him, nothing is impossible.”
- Eric Jones

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