Wednesday, May 27, 2009

“The proof of desire is pursuit.”

Do you want to know what you really desire? Take a look at your life. What are you pursuing? Are you pursuing the things of God? Are you going after righteousness, godliness, faith, and love? Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to advance the Kingdom of God? If so, then Jesus is your desire? Or, are you pursuing the things of this world - wealth, pleasure, comfort, and reputation. Is it the applause of man that you seek? Is it your next purchase or your next vacation that fills your thoughts and drives you? If so, then that speaks volumes about your desire.

Take inventory of your life. God wants to be your deep desire. He will not share that with anyone or anything.


Becky said...

Nice Post!
This is exactly what I've been wondering lately. I know that Jesus is my #1 desire and His Kingdom, and I do take advantage of opportunities to share Christ when I bump into people and when there is an opportunity. He's in the forefront of my mind.

Sometimes though, I find myself thinking a lot about useless stuff. Like, home repair or improvement.

I know the enemy tries to distract us by getting our attention onto anything else other than God.

Wondering a lot lately about what it means, practically every day, to follow Christ and to carry the cross...what that means in practical terms...I know probably different depending on the person...

nice post, thanks!

Becky and Rocky said...

Just wanted to let you know I printed an article you wrote in 2007 for my husband a few days ago and he read it today and he said it was "wonderful" and he really meant it...God is good, praise the Lord! Just wanted to let you know.