Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sometimes we need a little push

I am spending a few days at the lake with my family. The weather up here is gorgeous and the water is perfect. My kids love to swim, they love to play in the water, and they love to tube and ski behind the boat. You would think that every morning they would immediately run down the dock and jump into the water. However, it is quite the opposite. Even with all of the fun awaiting them, it is very typical that one or more of the kids are hesitant to enter the water. Something keeps them from jumping in and enjoying what they love.

I think we sometimes experience this same type of hesitation as it relates to spiritual matters. We know that time with God is awesome. Yet we find other things to fill our days. We know that reading His Word blows our minds and brings amazing change. We know that worshipping God with songs of praise bring us closer to Him. We know that obedience brings favor and blessing. We know these things, yet we sometimes hold back. We don’t always jump in. Sometimes my kids need a little encouragement to jump in and enjoy the water. Sometimes they need a little push. Likewise, there are times that we need a little encouragement to jump in and enjoy God. Sometimes we just need a little push. JUMP IN!