Sunday, September 06, 2009

Find the wall and tear it down

We know that Jericho was a barrier to Israel’s advancement. It had to be removed. It had to be destroyed for them to fully occupy the land. Is there a Jericho in your life today? With some it is selfish ambition: the desire for fame or success. For others it is covetousness: the desire to accumulate wealth – stuff. Still others it is worldly pleasure. Only by active faith can obstacles be overcome.
“The frowning walls of Jericho must fall before there can be spiritual progress and enjoyment of the riches of grace in Christ Jesus.” H.A. Ironsides
Is there something that is keeping you from going to the next level; to the next season; to the next blessing that God has for you? If so, seek God for His plans to destroy that Jericho in your life and step out in faith and do battle against it. God will cause it to crumble. But just like the Israelites, you have got to obediently stand up, walk around the wall, and declare it to be removed. IN JESUS NAME!

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