Sunday, November 29, 2009

Live It & Share It

Memory Verse:
“In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” - Matthew 5:16

Big Idea:
In this sermon, Jesus tells us that we are different and that we must maintain our difference. We are called to be salt to a rotting world. We are called to be light in a world of darkness. However, simply being different is not our entire mission. Jesus also tells us to go and share the difference with others. He tells us to bring His righteousness into this lost world. We are called to be holy as Christ is holy and then to bring the holiness of Christ into the darkness. We are called to be salt and light and we are called to be change-agents for the glory of God.

Jesus tells us that if we lose our saltiness, then our ability to help save the world is compromised. We can lose our saltiness and our impact for Christ in this world by allowing impurities into our life, like ongoing sin, and worldly affections. Likewise, if we cover up the light of Christ in us, our usefulness is snuffed out. If we don’t share Christ with others, His flame in us can actually be extinguished because we do not let it shine. Jesus calls us to live for Him and to share Him with others.

There are many ways to be salt and to be light. There are many ways to bring righteousness and share Christ. Here are three places to start. (1) Prayer: praying for others and also praying with others who need a touch from God. (2) Living it out in actions and deeds: We are light in the darkness as we daily say yes to righteousness and no to evil; as we show others love and compassion; as we love our neighbor as ourselves. (3) Sharing truth: Ultimately, we must open our mouths and share the gospel of Christ with others. We are called to go beyond living an obedient & godly life. We are also called to tell others about Christ. LET’S LIVE IT AND SHARE IT. Let’s be salt and light for the glory of God.

Scripture and Discussion Questions: Read the Bible passage(s) and discuss the questions.
1. Matthew 5:13-16 – What kind of things can cause you to lose your saltiness? Discuss practical ways you can protect yourself from these things. Strategize how you can “let your light shine” in your family, neighborhood, work, friends, and community. How do you feel when you live it and share it?
2. Romans 10:14 – It is important to live in such a way as to glorify Christ, but why is it important to tell people about Jesus? If you had two minutes to tell someone about Jesus, what would you say?
3. Romans 1:16 – Why is sharing the gospel with people so important? What has prevented you from sharing the gospel with others? What can help you push past your fears of sharing Christ?

Kids Corner:
Make some popcorn without any salt (or butter) and have your children have a few bites. Now add salt (be generous) and ask them if they like it better with the salt. Read Matthew 5:13-16 and ask your children the following questions: (1) What made the popcorn taste better? (2) Why does Jesus call us the salt of the earth? (3) Why does bringing Christ into the world make it better? (4) Have your children brainstorm and come up with ways they can be salt in the world.

Prayer Time:
Have a discussion with God about what you have just studied. Repent of past failures to be salt and light. You are forgiven. Now confess Romans 1:16 out loud three times. Cry out to the Lord for boldness and courage. Reject the spirit of fear and ask the Lord for His powerful grace for you to be salt and light in the world. Challenge: (1) Map out your “network of influence” and plan how you will share the light of Christ and then go for it. (2) Commit to praying with at least 4 non-family members every month. Be salt and light. Live it and share it.

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