Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Orchestra

God showed me a picture this morning of a massive orchestra and told me that this orchestra is His church. The orchestra is made of up many kinds of musicians playing all kinds of instruments that are all needed in order to produce the beautiful music that has been written by the composer – God. Jesus stands as the conductor and masterfully brings the orchestra to life as He calls each of the musicians to play their part at the perfect time. The musicians must keep their eyes on the conductor as He calls for a crescendo, points out a rest in the music, speeds up the tempo, and emphatically points for the crash of the cymbals.

The music produced by this orchestra is beautiful and is moving heaven and earth. However, there is something missing. What is it? It appears as though there are orchestra members who are absent, there are also members who are not holding their instruments, and other members are not playing because they are missing their cues from the conductor while their eyes are looking elsewhere.

We are the orchestra, Jesus is the conductor, and God has a part for us to play. We must first show up. Then we must take hold of the instrument assigned to us. Finally, we must keep our eyes on the conductor and follow His lead - not letting our attention be compromised, but always looking at our conductor and taking our cues only from Him. God has created beautiful music for us to play together and we all have a part to play. What a privilege to be a member of God’s orchestra.


Las Vegas Christian Examiner said...

Yep, amen, we are all the body of Christ, we each have gifts. If we want to see great things done in the church, it won't happen through one part of the body but all parts of the body together! Did you see my recent article about "running the race, together"?

Becky said...

Oh can I have permission to possibly quote you on a little bit of this? I will run it by you before I post the article. I don't know when I will have time to do it. Thanks! This is really on my heart lately too. I know that God wants to work through all of His people, not just one or two in the church. And when people start to put out the Spirit's fire, well, I don't know if that's a good idea, you know? I know the Holy Spirit can work through any and all people, not just the leaders, not just one part. God bless!

ss said...

I like your ideas on this. I am from Arizona as well and this morning I was thinking that God is the Conductor of this orchestra, we all have the instruments, but not all of us are in tune with the harmony, or not in resonance with the symphony. I submit my will to the Will of God. Peace brother.